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Drink Spiked? What to do when your Guest says their drink has been tampered with

Tampered Drink? What to do when your Guest says their drink has been spiked

Tampering with drinks is a serious crime and should be taken very seriously. Here’s what to do if a guest says it’s happened to them.

How to Name a Cocktail

For me, it’s one of the hardest parts of creating a new cocktail recipe: figuring out a name! Here are some tips and inspiration to help you think of the perfect name.

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The Dark & Gritty side of Bartending – a chat with Justyn Myers

The modern craft bar isn’t all glitz and glamour. Bartending comes with its dark side as well. This week we’re chatting with Justyn Myers to discuss the grittier side of bartending and what he’s learned from hosting a show all about it.

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French 75

Named after a French WW1 75mm field gun, the French 75 is a delicate looking cocktail that definitely packs a punch!

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