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Key Wins: Lessons Learned from Five Years of Bar Consulting

Key Wins: Lessons Learned from Five Years of Bar Consulting

I’ve been working with bars and restaurants for more than five years now. Here are some consistent challenges that many bars struggle with – and tips for avoiding them!


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Bartender Super Heroes: Super Powers You didn’t Even Know you Had

Your regulars might call you a “super hero” all the time, but I would argue that bartenders really are modern day superheroes. Listen in for a fun episode all about the “super powers” that experienced bartenders all seem to have after a few years behind the bar.

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James Bond may have preferred his shaken, but the Classic Martini is almost always stirred. Learn how to make the ultimate classic cocktail (stirred, of course!)

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For years, we received emails from folks asking which bar tools we recommend. While there were some decent options but nothing we were really excited about. After years of requests, in 2016 we started our own brand of bar tools to create what we believe are the best tools on the market.

Based on Chris’ years behind the bar, we created a cocktail shaker that doesn’t leak, a hawthorne strainer that won’t break or hurt your hand, and a muddler that’s long enough to avoid hitting your knuckles on the side of your shaker tin. And that’s just the beginning!

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