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You’ve found the ultimate resource for bartenders, bar managers, cocktail designers, enthusiasts and everyone in between. We are dedicated to making a great bar education available to every bartender – regardless of experience, location or whether or not you have a twirly mustache.


We’re a Website, Podcast and YouTube Channel dedicated to the craft of great cocktails and running a great bar program.


The Story of A Bar Above

Thirteen years ago, a young bartender in Northern California was struggling to learn the skills and techniques of craft bartending. He taught himself, using hundred-year-old books and years of trial and error. In 2012, he and his wife created a website that would teach these skills – so other bartenders could perfect their craft without years of practice behind the bar. And here it is! 

We are a bartending and craft cocktail site dedicated to helping bartenders and enthusiast learn the art of craft bartending. We believe every bartender deserves a great bar education and seek to be the ultimate resource for our industry and for readers like you!

(Want to hear us tell the whole story? Listen to this Podcast Episode!)


Meet the Team

We’re a husband-wife team dedicated to helping bartenders make great drinks and grow their careers in the world of hospitality.

Chris Tunstall

Founder of A Bar Above, Bartender and Consultant


“I am a bar professional with ten years’ hospitality experience – working behind bars and managing them. I’ve had the privilege of designing cocktails for some of the finest spirit brands. I’ve dedicated my career to learning the advanced mixology and cocktail techniques that differentiate the best bartenders, and sharing what I’ve learned with the community.

Here at A Bar Above, I create videos about Bar “how to’s”, tips, tricks and techniques, create cocktails and co-host the Mixology Talk Podcast alongside my wife and co-founder, Julia.”

Julia Tunstall

Editor in Chief and Founder of Top Shelf Bar Supply


“Here at A Bar Above, I work with Chris and all of our great writers to create educational content for the bar community. I also co-host the Mixology Talk Podcast alongside Chris.

I’m also the founder of our partner company, Top Shelf Bar Supply, where I work with Chris to design, manufacture and sell the best professional-grade bar tools for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike!

Meet our Sister Company: Top Shelf Bar Supply

For years, we received emails from folks asking which bar tools we recommend. While there were some decent options but nothing we were really excited about. After years of requests, in 2016 we started our own brand of bar tools to create what we believe are the best tools on the market.

Based on Chris’ years behind the bar, we created a cocktail shaker that doesn’t leak, a hawthorne strainer that won’t break or hurt your hand, and a muddler that’s long enough to avoid hitting your knuckles on the side of your shaker tin. And that’s just the beginning!

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