Rum and Kola

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Q MixersThis week’s cocktail is sponsored by (and features) Q Kola – a Kola mixer made by a craft mixer company we really like – Q Drinks.

They use high quality ingredients and carefully craft each mixer to just the right carbonation level. I highly recommend it for your next two-part cocktail!

Thanks again to Q Drinks for supporting A Bar Above!


Blast from the Past

Podcast listeners may recall my admission. Back in college (before I knew better), I was (gasp) a Rum & Coke drinker. Yes, it’s true. After meeting Chris, I was afraid to admit it, and it wasn’t until well after we were married that the truth came out. Nowadays I’m less embarrassed and more of a “drink what you like” kind of person.

But when Q Drinks sent us a sample that included their Kola… well, let’s just say I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

One Small Change Makes All the Difference

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely didn’t think the Q Kola would taste the same as Coke. Why reinvent the wheel? Jordan mentioned time and time again in our discussion earlier this year that he created Q Drinks’ mixers to be better than your standard soda gun mixers. So what does a “better” Rum and “Coke” taste like?

My very first impression was all about the sugar. You could quickly tell the Q Kola was using the good stuff – and the cane sugar in the Kola paired beautifully with Rum. (It’s one of Chris’ favorite tricks – use mixers and sweeteners with the same ingredient as your spirit is made from.)

I also noticed a subtle vanilla flavor, which added a nice round flavor. And the carbonation was (of course) perfect – bubbly enough to prevent the drink from tasting syrupy, but not so much that it jumps up your nose.

It’s like the Best Rum & Coke You’ve Ever Had.

I may have mentioned this on the podcast (dozens of times), but Chris isn’t a bit “rum” guy. And he’s not so huge on Coke either. But when he stole a sip of my Rum and Kola, he actually liked it! (Imagine my surprise!) He just made one suggestion, squeezing a lime wedge into the drink.

…and he was right. That tiny touch of citrus brightened it perfectly, reduced the sweetness slightly and perfected the drink.


Rum and Kola
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Rum and Kola
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  1. Add ice to a Collins glass.
  2. Add rum and Kola
  3. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve.
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