Scratching an(other) itch

A few weeks ago when we told you about how we created our Hawthorne Strainer, I hinted that Chris had plans to make “new and improved” versions of other bar tools, and today’s recipe features one of them! After years of busted knuckles, bitter mint and no-longer-varnished muddlers, Chris and I worked together to create a custom muddler we truly loved.

  • It’s 12″ long, so you won’t bust your knuckles on the side of your shaker tin anymore
  • The end is flat, so you can get those aromatics out of the mint without mincing it into a bitter mess
  • It’s unvarnished hardwood, so you never have to worry about the finish flaking off and getting into you (or your customers’) drinks.
  • It’s also really sexy. I mean, look at that thing. No, not sexy like that. (Gross!) I mean it’s a damn good looking muddler.

After 8 months of development, many failed samples, a factory telling us our order disappeared and then reappeared again and then our shipment being mistakenly shipped to NYC (!?!?) we finally, finally have our muddlers in hand and for sale on Amazon. Woo!


Hardwood Muddler - Extra Long (Top Shelf Bar Supply)

Hardwood Muddler - Extra Long (Top Shelf Bar Supply)

Thou Shalt Not Buy Short Muddlers. The standard 8" muddler will result in bruised and bloody knuckles from hitting them against the side of the glass. We designed this muddler to be extra long (12") and made of hardwood. Hand wash in warm soapy water and It'll last you forever!

Buy Now on Amazon

We designed this muddler ourselves and sell it on Amazon via our sister company, Top Shelf Bar Supply. So yes - I am totally biased in recommending this one. But we designed it to be the best muddler out there, so what can I say - it really is that good!


P2-Peach and Menta Smash


Giving it a Whirl

So this week I told Chris to make me something tasty… and muddled!  Stocked with mint from the garden and a few peaches from Mom’s peach tree, he threw together this delicious minty fruit smash.

It’s doubly cooling – not just because it’s served with crushed ice, but also because it embraces the menthol chill that Fernet Menta brings to the drink. Not to mention the beautiful pair that peach and bourbon make. The drink is an “outside the box” summer cocktail that’s perfect for your porch, hammock, campsite, motorhome… you name it.


P3-Peach and Menta Smash


What do you think?

What do you think of our fancy new muddler? I’d love to hear your feedback!


PI-Peach and Menta Smash

Peach and Menta Smash
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This cocktail is designed specifically for sitting on your porch on a hot, humid afternoon.
    Peach and Menta Smash
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    This cocktail is designed specifically for sitting on your porch on a hot, humid afternoon.
      1. Cut ½ of lemon and ¼ of the peach into smaller pieces and place in a cheater tin
      2. Muddle lemon, peach and sugar until you create a light slurry
      3. Add Fernet Menta, Bourbon and ice
      4. Shake to chill and dilute
      5. Fine strain into a rocks glass
      6. Top with Crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig
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