Quick: Choose three random flavors!

Usually when creating a cocktail you start with flavors. What flavors go well together? How can I adapt that into a drink? This one’s a bit different. Instead of starting with flavors that “go well” together, Chris took a risk and went the other direction.

Pairing Tumeric, Tawny port and Curry… well, it sounds like a “choose three random flavors” game, not a cocktail recipe! But (much to my amazement) this one really worked.





Port of Call

Somewhere between Portugal and India, Chris thought he’d tip his hat to the trade route – hence the name “Calicut Sour”. Calicut is the port in India that commonly used to connect Port (in Portugal) and India trade routes.

Tumeric is a common ingredient in curry, so it seemed a natural choice. But Port? Chris found it added a sweet raisin note to the drink, rounding out the flavor with a cooked fruit element. It really ties the drink together into a balanced, very savory style of drink.

And the Curry Salt Rim? Well…. why not?




Calicut Sour
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    Calicut Sour
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      Curry salt
      1. Add all ingredints into a cheater tin with ice
      2. Shake to chill and dilute
      3. Rim a rocks glass with curry salt
      4. Fill rimmed glass with crushed ice
      5. Fine strain cocktail into rimmed glass and enjoy
      Curry Salt
      1. Mix curry powder and salt and set aside for rimming a rocks glass
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