Interview with Erick Castro: The man behind the Bartender at Large Documentary

The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Eighty Eight

Erick Castro joins us in this episode to talk about his documentary, Bartender At Large


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In today’s Episode…

We had the chance to catch up with Erick Castro, AKA @HungryBartender and the man behind the Bartender At Large YouTube Channel and documentary.


Listen in to hear:

  • Erick’s inspiration behind making the documentary
  • How he chose the stops for the Bartender At Large documentary
  • Some of his favorite memories from the trip

… and some great general advice for new bartenders as well.


Stuff we Mentioned:


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Thanks for Listening!

Thanks again to Erick for joining us on the podcast and for inviting us to join him on his YouTube show as well!  Definitely check out the website to see when the documentary will be showing near you – it’s absolutely worth a watch.