You don’t need to get molecular to make a great drink. Here are some cocktail techniques from the simple to the advanced – and a couple that just didn’t work at all. Enjoy, and let us know on our Facebook page how these techniques work for you!


Beginner Cocktail Techniques:

For Beginners Only: Make Great Cocktails at Home
Advice for New Bartenders
How to Shake a Cocktail (plus: how to choose your best shaker!)
How to Stir a Cocktail
How to use a cocktail strainer
Jigger Pouring Tips


Intermediate Cocktail Techniques:

Egg Whites in Cocktails: Why use them and How to do it Safely
Seasonality & Species: Adjusting for Citrus Variability in Cocktails
Using Citric Acid in Cocktails
How to Freeze Flowers in ice for a Creative Cocktail Garnishes
How to make Barrel Aged Cocktails


Making your Own Ingredients

DIY Sweet Vermouth: What Not to Do
Making a Flavor Library of Tinctures
DIY Bitters: How to make your own Cocktail Bitters
How to make Sodas (… and how to do it with yeast)
Make your own Ginger Beer
Creme de Hibiscus Liqueur
Homemade Limoncello
Making Seasoned Salts and Sugared Rims
How to make Purees for your Bar


Advanced Cocktail Techniques:

Already know that stuff above? Take your drinks (and your bar) to the next level with these advanced techniques.

DIY Carbonating System
How to make Meat Salt for Cocktails
How to make Gum Syrup for Classic Cocktails
Clarifying Lime Juice using Agar Agar (and another attempt)
Clarifying Tomato Juice using Cryofreezing
Making Oleo Saccharum for a new – and improved – Lemon Drop
The Effect of Acid and Bitterness in Cocktails