I’m so happy to say that craft bartending is starting to be recognized as a viable – and even admirable – career choice in some places around the world. We certainly have a long way to go, but we have come a long way already!


The Career Map

There is truly no way to “map” a bar career, but we have attempted to do our best at outlining a common career path that we have seen in the industry, and offer some career advice and suggestions for the different roles along the way.


The Barback

What is a Barback? The Ultimate Guide to the Bartender’s Sidekick
Barback to Bartender: How to get behind the Stick


The Bartender

Advice for new Bartenders
Building Regulars and Making More Money
Quick Tip: Keeping your Bar Tidy


The Bar Manager

Tips for Running your first Cocktail Menu
Are you Giving Away the Bar by using Jiggers?
How to Show your Customers that you’re a Cocktail Bar
How to Cost a Cocktail


The General Manager

Tips for Running your first Cocktail Menu
Get Rid of Fruit Flies at your Bar


Other Jobs Outside the Bar

Bartending opens the doors to dozens of other careers – from working with brands to working private events.

What I Bring when Bartending Private Events