Seasonal fall cocktail for the holidays

If your holiday season is anything like mine, it starts to get crazy in mid-October and doesn’t stop until January. Inevitably, I’ll be asked by friends, family (or regulars!) to design or bring a cocktail for their event. Here’s this year’s “Pomegranate Standby” cocktail, which I’ll typically use for all cocktail requests this season.

Don’t forget to check the “Extra Tips” box below for some great tricks to make this cocktail faster, easier, and more flexible.



Click here for the Pomegranate Standby Recipe


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Here are some extra tips for leveraging this cocktail for the holiday season:

Create a large batch of the reduced Pomegranate juice & Ginger / Rosemary simple syrup. Mix together (Proportion is 2 juice to 1 Simple Syrup) and freeze.
The frozen mixture should keep for the whole holiday season.

Need Variety?

If you’re at a party prepared to make this drink, you still have some flexibility:

  • Serve the cocktail as-is
  • Remove the Brachetto, which takes out the fizz and emphasizes the juice & ginger flavors
  • Just serve the Brachetto in a wine glass. It’s a sweet, sparkling red wine that most people won’t think of serving on its own.
  • Are some guests not drinking? Replace the Gin & Brachetto with Ginger beer. The resulting drink will definitely have more of a ginger flavor, but is still absolutely delicious!

Holiday Tweaks

  • Halloween? Add one piece of dry ice to add a great spooky effect. (Be extremely careful – Please read through these dry ice cocktail safety tips before serving!)
  • Thanksgiving? Use Cranberry juice & Cranberries instead of Pomegranate.
  • Christmas? Serve as is! The red & green colors match the holiday perfectly.

Finally, Kill it!
If you have any remaining product by December 31, I’d say it’s time to throw a New Year’s Eve party to finish it off! (If you do, let me know & I’ll be there!)



Do you have a standby cocktail for the holidays, or other tips to survive the rush? Definitely let us know – I need all the help I can get!