Strawberry Mezcal Smash

by | April 5, 2018

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It's that time of year...

Not only are the skies clearer and the days warmer, but we're starting to see the best part of springtime: fresh, in-season produce! If you're like me, you're happily wandering down the aisle of your local grocery store buying ridiculous quantities of berries and fruit to celebrate the changing of the seasons.



Strawberry Mezcal Smash


Celebrating the Change of Seasons

This cocktail is meant to celebrate the transition from winter to spring. Smokey Mezcal reminds us of warm winter fireplaces, but bright strawberry and basil bring the bright fruit and aromatics of springtime. It's a delicious combination that creates a beautifully colored drink that's interesting, layered, and not too sweet.





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Strawberry Mezcal Smash



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