The Classic Mojito


We’re NOT out of Mint

I know, I know. The Mojito has such a bad reputation… it can be annoying to keep fresh mint around and muddling interrupts your flow behind the bar. But I’ve yet to find one person out there who doesn’t agree that a Mojito made just right is a thing of beauty.

The aromatics of the mint plus the sweetness of the rum and sugar… it’s a delicious, simple, refreshing cocktail. Dang, I’m getting thirsty and it’s not even 10am!


The Classic Mojito


Ordering a Mojito, Goldilocks – Style

Unfortunately there’s the rub: “just right” depends. Chris likes his more on the tart side. I like mine sweet, with buckets of mint. So you never really know what you’re going to get when you order one at the bar.

But the great thing about the mojito is that it’s easy to adjust. If it comes and it’s too sweet, just ask the bartender to add a bit of lime juice (and vice versa for simple). You’re not sending the drink back or wasting product, so the barkeep shouldn’t mind. Or you could order it “a little on the sweet side, with a few extra wedges of lime” and if it’s too sweet you can sqeeze in some extra lime, DIY style.



The Classic Mojito


Tools we Used:

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The Classic Mojito

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      1. Lightly muddle the mint in the bottom of your cocktail shaker.
      2. Add rum, lime juice and cane syrup.
      3. Add ice and shake well.
      4. Pour into a Collins glass without straining.
      5. Garnish with mint, lime or both.
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