Bourbon Milk Punch

by | July 25, 2015

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P1 - Bourbon Milk Punch
Mixology Monday

It's Mixology Monday Time!

OK, yes, you're right - today's Saturday. But we're a tad early.  This month's theme comes from the Muse at Feu de Vie - and, I should add, is lucky MxMo #99!


Ice, Ice Baby

The Muse's suggested theme  this month is "ice" - meaning the only limitation is no Scaffa's allowed. But we wanted to get a bit creative and just so happened to have some frozen cream ice cubes in the freezer.  So in the drink they went!


Don't try this at Home

I'm going to go ahead an admit this early. This drink didn't turn out great. I think it looks great, but it was so painfully rich that it felt a bit like drinking melted ice cream.... and with the giant Cream ice cubes, I could only imagine what it'd be like if I'd let them melt!

This is a take on the Brandy Milk Punch, with bourbon instead of brandy, and with cream ice cubes in place of the - well - normal ice cubes.

So while this cocktail was a fun experiment, it's not one I'd recommend putting on your cocktail menu.  The good news is we have a couple more of those cream ice cubes left - who knows what Chris has in store!




P2 - Bourbon Milk Punch



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