The Black Pear Shim: Mixology Monday 91

by | November 13, 2014

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Mixology MondayWhen I heard that Dinah from had suggested the "Shim" as this month's Mixology Monday topic, I immediately knew the main ingredient of this cocktail.

There's a bottle on my backbar that I've been wanting to use for months, but it's such an intense spirit with an incredibly strong flavor that I haven't really had the opportunity to work with it yet.  Dinah's restriction of 1/2 oz of spirit in the drink was the perfect excuse.  Black Balsam, here I come!


Black Balsam Cocktail


Knowing how heavy the flavor of the Black Balsam is, I knew I'd need some citrus to brighten the flavor somewhat. I ended up also using pear juice and demerara syrup (instead of simple syrup) because I felt both really added to the "earthy" nature of the drink. Using fresh pear juice also added an almost gritty texture that kind of worked with the dark and deep nature of the drink.


Pear Shim Cocktail


The final product was awesome - but not for the faint of heart. Dark and gritty but truly bringing out the best in the Black Balsam.

Thanks Dinah for the awesome topic this month! Looking forward to see the rest of the "low-octane" creations!


Black Pear Balsam Cocktail




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