Cocktail Recipes

Each week we feature a cocktail recipe on the blog - either something created by us or something submitted by the community. Here are the most recent posts!

We'd love to share your cocktail creations here too - just be sure to take lots of beautiful pictures of your drink and then reach out here!

French 75

Named after a French WW1 75mm field gun, the French 75 is a delicate looking cocktail that definitely packs a punch!

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a fantastic “gateway drink” for getting into craft cocktails. Easy to make, beautiful presentation and delicious… You can’t go wrong with a Moscow Mule. The history of the Moscow Mule is one of my favorite stories in the cocktail...

The Last Word

What happens when you put four equally intense ingredients together in a drink? In the Last Word? Harmony!

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Cocktail Techniques - from Beginner to Advanced

Here's a page with lots of useful links to learn techniques from the simple (like shaking a cocktail) to the advanced (oleo saccharum anyone?)

The Mixology Certification

Already know your way around the bar? Take your skills to the next level with this advanced-level Mixology program.

Got the Tools?

After years of wishing we had better bar tools, we decided to make our own. Check out our custom line of bar tools, designed by a bartender (Chris!) for working bartenders who need tools that last.

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