We’ve talked in the past about some of the various ways that you can incorporate flavor into cocktails – but I realized we haven’t actually talked about Purees yet!

Purees are made with fresh fruit, which makes them a great option for flavoring cocktails.  With how easy they are to make, I’m always surprised at how rarely I see them used in craft cocktail bars.  How easy are they to make?  Check it out!


How to Make Purees for Cocktails:


Pretty easy, right?


Quick Recap:

Basically, purees are fresh fruit that’s been pureed and had sweetener and acid added.

  1. Chop up the fruits into small enough pieces to fit in your blender
  2. Put the fruit in your blender along with simple syrup and lime juice to taste (if you’re not sure how much, puree first and add this later)
  3. Fire up the blender!  You’ll want the mixture to be very smooth.
  4. Taste and adjust simple syrup and acid if necessary
  5. Fine strain the puree to remove any lumps and extra fibers


I also like to portion out the purees into containers that are roughly the size of one day’s worth of use.  If you’re going through a lot, then just put the puree in whatever container is convenient for you.  I like squeezy bottles for this though, as they make the purees extremely quick to use.


How to Make Cocktail Purees


Puree Perks

Not convinced?  Here are a couple other reasons to consider using Purees in your next cocktail menu:

  1. Since they are made with fresh fruit, they tend to retain the color better – which makes for beautiful drinks
  2. They help to account for the unpredictable nature of fresh fruit.  If you receive one batch of strawberries that is sweeter than the next, you can adjust the simple syrup and acid in your puree to compensate – meaning your cocktails will stay consistent even when the fruit is not.
  3. Using Purees can actually cut down on a few steps when you are making the cocktails during service – you can make the puree such that it has all the flavor, sweet and sour that you’ll need


Love Purees but Don’t Have Time to Make Them?


The folks at The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley are offering complimentary samples to bartenders and chefs.

Their purees are a great option if you’re concerned about maintaining consistent acidity & flavor throughout the year, as well as offering time, labor and cost savings for your team.

I’ve used them quite a bit behind the bar and definitely recommend them!

Order Samples



How about you?

Have you used purees in your cocktails?  Any favorite fruits to use?  Let us know in the comments!