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All about Craft Beer with Joe Pfeifer and Andrew Perroy from Hopsy

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All about Craft Beer with Joe Pfeifer and Andrew Perroy from Hopsy

The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Ninety Five

We met up with two local craft beer experts to learn all about craft beer – how to find them, how to choose them, and how to help your guests pick something they’ll like.


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In today’s Episode…

I came across Hopsy when looking for a good Christmas present for Chris. I did well – I found him a mini growler of beer he loved, and I connected with Andrew and Joe! These guys really know their stuff about local, craft beer – so much that we invited them to come on the podcast and teach us a thing or two.


We talked about:

  • Andrew and Joe’s backgrounds: what got you “into” beer, and how did you start Hopsy?
  • What are some trends you’re noticing right now in craft beer?
  • How do you help customers choose a beer they will like?
  • How do you find great local beers?

… and a whole lot more! Listen in to hear the whole conversation!


Stuff we Mentioned:

Find Hopsy Beer at, and if you’re local and want to place an order, use the code “PODCAST” for 15% off!


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Thanks for Listening!

… and thanks again to Joe and Andrew for taking an hour out of their Saturday morning to join us on the show!


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