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Pony Glasses, Cocktail Competitions, Experimentation and Melon Liqueur – Listener Questions

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Pony Glasses, Cocktail Competitions, Experimentation and Melon Liqueur - Listener Questions

The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Ninety Four

Another listener question this week! Glassware, competitions, experimentation and keeping your melon liqueur tasty through the winter.


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In today’s Episode…

It’s another listener questions episode – so let’s get to the questions!



Ray from Kansas City, MO

I’ve been reading through your list of 25 free, classic bartending books and am currently checking out “The Ideal Bartender.” What is a “pony” glass? Also, Bullock suggests that all liquors should be served straight by placing an inverted whiskey glass on the bar, setting a pony glass on it and filling it with the liquor. What’s the reasoning behind that?


A Pony glass is a stemmed, one-ounce glass. Also sometimes called a liqueur or cordial glass. I’ve also heard the smaller (1 oz) side of a two-sided jigger being called a “pony”, but this is pretty uncommon.

As for Bullock’s suggestion, I’ll be honest – I have no idea! If any listeners out there know the answer, please let us know in the comments!



Mugunthan from Chennai South India

Hi There, I would like to make cocktail for an international competition which liquor can I use?


Great question! The important thing to remember is that cocktail competitions are almost always sponsored by liquor brands – and to them, they are marketing opportunities. Make sure your cocktail makes them look good!

  • Read the rules. They will probably tell you what you can and can’t use (and how much as well.)
  • If the rules don’t say, then make sure you use the product that is sponsoring the competition under no circumstances should you use their competitor.
  • If you need other brands to round out your recipe, try to use brands owned by the same parent company.

(If you want more tips for cocktail competitions, check out our cocktail competitions page here! There’s a list of current competitions and a free ebook to help you win.)



Gonzo from Portugal

I have recently created a cocktail recipe using Gin, Lemon juice and a Portuguese Liqueur, just shaken over ice and topped off with soda water. It’s pretty good but I’m having a weird issue: the initial flavour is not very strong but after about 5/10 minutes the ice starts melting and the flavour becomes really intense and really awesome (as I originally intended!).

I don’t know why this happening and how I can create that without waiting for the ice to melt… any ideas? Thanks and keep being awesome!


It’s tough to answer this question without knowing exactly which liqueur you are using, but if I were in your shoes, I’d do some experimentation to see if I could figure out what’s causing the change. Listen in to the episode for specific experiment suggestions – and if you see this Gonzo, let us know what liqueur you were using in the comments!



James from New Jersey

Hi, so I’ve found and tried the homemade melon liqueur recipe, and it was delicious. We went through it pretty quickly but I have to ask how long do such things typically last on the shelf? Or is there a different method we could use to extend it, so we can have homemade melon liqueur in winter months?


Great question. The shelf life of homemade products is always a bit tricky, because they are often not as consistently made as commercially produced products. That said, the safest bet for your melon liqueur is to go ahead and keep it in the freezer. (The side benefit is that it is delicious straight out the freezer!) It will also keep for many months this way.

As with any liqueur, make sure it’s sealed tightly and if it starts to smell funky or get cloudy in color, toss it. (Lots more detail here on the shelf life of various cocktail ingredients!)



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