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Bartending before 21, Single-Ingredient Bitters, and Chilled Mixers: It’s another Listener Questions Episode!

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Bartending before 21, Single-Ingredient Cocktails, and Chilled Mixers: It’s another Listener Questions Episode!



The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode One Hundred and Twelve

What are your options for learning to bartend before it’s legal? How do you make vanilla bitters? And should you chill your carbonated or uncarbonated mixers? Listen in for all of the above!


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In today’s Episode…

We’re answering a few great listener questions. Listen in to hear our answers to these three great questions from listeners:


I’m 19 and want to start bartending but the laws in my state say I have to be 21. What can I do now to set myself up for success in bartending when I turn 21 or move to a different state?

– Sarah from Washington State


I’ve made phase one of my tincture library and a batch of house bitters (Maggot Cat Bitters of Distinction) which I found a recipe for and which turned out beautifully. But I am wondering, what is the best way to make single flavour (cardamom, coffee, vanilla, etc) bitters? Ratio of bittering agents, whether to incorporate simple sugars, incantations. Thanks in advance.

– Spooky from Kansas City


What is your take on the temperature of your mixers? And by mixers- I mean sodas, tonic, juices, etc. I am currently employed as a bartender for a caterer and many of the other bartenders I work with don’t care whether the mixers are chilled or not, and are content to make every cocktail with room-temperature mixers. I always claim that this results in a watered-down drink that tastes like crap but they just don’t care.

– Chuck from Baltimore

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