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Growing a Business while Bartending: A Chat with Jennifer Colliau of Small Hand Foods

by | February 28, 2018 | 0 comments

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Growing a Business while Bartending: A Chat with Jennifer Collieau of Small Hand Foods


The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode #120

You may have heard of Small Hand Foods. But did you know its founder, Jennifer Colliau, started the business while working full time as a bartender?


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In today’s Episode…

We’re wrapping up the “Bartender to Entrepreneur” series with a conversation with Jennifer Colliau, the founder of Small Hand Foods. 

Jennifer CollieauAn award-winning bartender and sought after authority on classic cocktails and contemporary mixology, Jennifer Colliau has been a bartender and bar consultant for over two decades in the San Francisco and LA areas.

She founded Small Hand Foods to revive century-old cocktail ingredients to make a line of hand-crafted bar syrups that are used by bartenders in the Bay Area and around the country. She is currently the Beverage Director of The Interval at Long Now, focusing on cocktails throughout time, and is also building her own bar in Oakland called Here’s How, slated to open late 2018.


Things we Mentioned:



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