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Want to move to the US? Immigration tips and tricks for non-US Bartenders, with Mark Deal

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Want to move to the US? Immigration tips and tricks for non-US Bartenders, with Mark Deal

The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode Ninety Three

Ever considered taking your bartending skill and moving to the US? In today’s episode I’m chatting with an immigration expert to discuss your options.


Huge Caveat:

As I mentioned in the podcast, this conversation was recorded way back in January – before the Trump administration took office and began changing the Immigration rules and regulations.

With all of the changes happening it is even more important to find a good Immigration lawyer to help you make a plan for immigration! They will be well-versed in the changing immigration climate and can help you choose the best path forward.


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In today’s Episode…

We’re interviewing Mark Deal about options for bartenders who’d like to come live and/ or work in the USA.

Mark Deal has been working in the immigration industry for 8 years and can be found on two podcasts on this ever changing topic. He started the U.S. Immigration Podcast back in 2014 and has been the co-host of EB5 Investment Voice since 2015. His favorite mixed drinks can be found south of the border!


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