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How to Quit: Making your Exit without Burning Bridges

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How to Quit: Making your Exit without Burning Bridges


The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode One Hundred and Fourteen

Time to leave? It happens! Here are some tips for giving notice and moving on without making enemies along the way.

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In today’s Episode… it’s all about quitting.


Even in the best job, there will come a time when it makes sense to move on. Whether you’re leaving the worst job ever or the best one you’ve ever had, make sure you’re doing it right!


I know we say this a lot, but it’s worth repeating: hospitality is a small world and your reputation will absolutely get around. If you storm out in the middle of a shift, people will know and be less excited to hire you in the future. There’s nothing wrong with quitting – but do it right!

  • First of all, if there’s something your manager could fix that would prevent you from quitting, have a conversation with them! It could turn your bummer job into an awesome one.
  • Pay attention to the experiences of other coworkers who quit. How are they treated? Are they booted out the same day they quit? Plan accordingly!
  • If at all possible, give two weeks notice. If not possible, consider offering to work a few limited shifts over the next few weeks to lighten the load as they try to replace you.
  • Do it in person, but back it up with an email or written letter so it’s fully documented.



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