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Next Level Hospitality with Enrique Sanchez

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Next Level Hospitality with Enrique Sanchez

The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode One Hundred Five

This week we’re chatting with Enrique Sanchez and learning Tips and tricks for taking hospitality to a whole new level


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In today’s Episode…

We’re meeting up with one of the most prolific and well regarded bartenders in San Francisco, Enrique Sanchez. With more than 10 bars under his belt, he has strong feelings about what makes a truly great hospitality experience and how bartenders can make that happen. Listen in to learn from his experience!


A Brief Bio: Enrique Sanchez

Born in Lima, Peru and working as an industrial mechanic, Enrique Sanchez dreamed of life in the United States. At the age of 21, he decided San Francisco would mark the beginning of his American journey. For two years, Enrique worked vigorously in the floor, bar and kitchen; soon developing a passion to become a Bartender. Fifteen years later, Enrique has been recognized as one of San Francisco’s top bartenders. He’s worked behind the bar at well known restaurants and bars like Lulu’s, Bacar, Range, Tres Agaves, Jasper’s, Beretta, La Mar, Rose Pistola, Puerto 27. Nowadays Enrique is Bar Director at Arguello, Traci De Jardin’s restaurant in the Presidio, and also bartends at ABV, one of the top best 50 bars in the world.



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And thank you to Enrique for taking the time to chat! As an industry it’s so important that we continue to focus on hospitality and shining the spotlight on the customer, not ourselves.


It's all about the Craft

We believe great bartending is all about hospitality, skill, and caring about your craft.

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