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Cocktail & Bar Trends 2018: What’s new and Noteworthy Now

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The Mixology Talk Podcast, Episode #118

What’s new and happening in cocktail bars in 2018? Here’s what we’re hearing and seeing today.


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In today’s Episode…

We’re talking about what’s new and noteworthy behind the bar in 2018….


  • #1: Great Cocktails are the Baseline: A cocktail menu and well-made Margarita are no longer enough to set your bar ahead of the crowd. It’s now the baseline requirement for any bar or restaurant.
  • #2: Playfulness: It seems the “holier than thou” bartender is finally starting to fade into obscurity and we’re starting to see a return to the real focus of hospitality: a great night out with friends. From Trick Dog’s ridiculous menus to great bars in bowling alleys, this is definitely a good thing for the industry.
  • #3: Low ABV / Non Alcoholic Cocktails: At long last, you can get a decent non-alcoholic cocktail that painfully sweet and one-dimensional. Not only does it benefit customers who can’t (or don’t want to) drink, it’s a fantastic opportunity for bars to increase check averages, and for restaurants without full liquor licenses to get more creative with their beverage offerings. (Sake cocktails anyone?)
  • #4: Barception: Bars Within Bars: This used to be truly exceptional but now it seems there’s one or two in every city. I get it! It’s a great way for the operator to offer a high volume bar as well as a high end “craft” experience for the nerds (ahem, like me) who are looking for that sort of thing.
  • #5: Last but perhaps the most visible trend, Sustainability: from reducing waste through using fewer (or non plastic) straws to creative concepts like Trash Tiki, the concept of sustainability is here to stay. Bars and producers are also looking closely at water usage as well, through creative concepts like draft cocktails.


…and what trends are on their way out?

Listen in (or watch above) to hear our thoughts!


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