Got time for another quick tip?

This one’s especially for any bartenders who are using the OXO measuring cups as jiggers at your bar. As you can see by the pictures below, mine is well used and I love it!

The Secret Trick with OXO Jiggers

Save Yourself some Time

When working with syrups or some thicker liqueurs, it can take some time for them to fully drain out of your jigger. And if you’re working in a high volume bar, that extra 5 seconds is half of your next drink order!

The good news is, if you’re using OXO jiggers at your bar, they just happen to be the perfect size to drop into your shaker or mixing tin. Point the pourspout up and drop them in – then let them drain for 10 seconds while you start on your next drink.


Don’t have these OXO Measuring Cups?

I really highly recommend these jiggers for your bar – they are labelled with all measurements, easy to read from the top down, very easily washable and (perhaps my favorite part) they are stackable – so you can keep lots of them around without using your whole bar top.

You can find them on Amazon in clear (like mine) or stainless (which I will buy soon, because mine are starting to look a bit “used” don’t you think? (Affiliate links)


P1 - OXO Jigger Tip