The Mixology Certification Program

You’re already a great bartender.

Become a skilled mixologist and take your career to the next level!

“I started bartending because I fell in love with the craft of the cocktail, and got so much satisfaction from making a great drink. But when I started trying to design my own cocktails, I struggled to find great resources to help me learn the intricacies of balance, as well as the different kinds of sweeteners, acids, and bitter components to use in my drinks.

It took years to teach myself – but it was worth it. I’ve had opportunities to design cocktail menus, work with brands, and consult for bars and restaurants all over the world.

Now I’ve built this program to share what I’ve learned, so you can achieve a fulfilling career, leveraging your mixology skills to get your drinks on the menu and advance your career into management, consulting and beyond.” Chris Tunstall

Founder, A Bar Above

Learn the advanced skills, tricks and techniques for designing original cocktails from scratch – without wasting valuable time or expensive ingredients along the way.

Get Noticed

Get your original ideas and creations on the cocktail menu

Make More Money

Design drinks for events, brands, or cocktail competitions.

Love Your Job

Advance your Career and express your creativity behind the bar

A Sense of Pride

Impress your guests with custom drinks made “a la minute”
Introducing A Bar Above’s

Mixology Certification Program

Training, Community and Mentorship


HD Video

Course lessons are taught via high quality video alongside detailed notes and quizzes.


Interactive Quizzes

Test yourself with no-pressure quizzes to check your understanding along the way.

Cheat Sheets

Includes printable “cheat sheets” for each section to help you remember what you learned and refer back in the future.

Lifetime Access

All students get lifetime access, so you can come back anytime to refresh your memory


Community and Mentorship

Got Questions? Email us or ask our Facebook group with hundreds of other students.

Available Anywhere

Lessons, quizzes and exam are mobile-optimized so you can watch and learn on the go.

Bartending vs. Mixology


Bartending is all about hospitality and the guest experience.

You make great drinks, but you also manage the atmosphere of the bar, build relationships with regulars and handle the operations of the bar while it’s open. Bartending is a skill and an art, and doing it well is both challenging and incredibly rewarding.


Mixology is the work you do long before the guest walks in the door.

It’s the art of creating syrups, tinctures and bitters that perfectly blend with the other ingredients you’re using in a cocktail. It’s experimenting with techniques, flavors and textures to design unique cocktails that create a memorable experience for guests.

This program does not teach bartending.

We teach Mixology.

This comprehensive program teaches everything we learned about cocktail design and technique from more than a decade working behind great cocktail bars.

It is for bartenders who want to learn the skills and techniques of Mixology so they can create original drinks for guests and get their name on the cocktail menu.

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I found your mixology course incredibly insightful, enjoyable to work through, and really powerful. I am an experienced bartender, with a strong knowledge of cocktails and a good taste for what works…but the information that you guys presented really clarified things for me. I gained a deeper understanding of cocktail concepts and particularly valued your process of evolving unique cocktails from classic cocktails. I’ve been recommending this course to all my bartending friends who are curious about getting into mixology! Jonathan Bluks

Program Details

The Certification is a three-step process, including two in-depth courses and a two-part final exam.

Step 1: Master your Ingredients

Understanding Cocktail Components

This course is so much more than an “overview of ingredients.” You’ll learn about all of the different types of ingredients and products used behind the bar, their flavor profiles and how to work with them in cocktails.

View Course Outline:
  • Souring Ingredients: It’s more than just lemons and limes! We discuss what souring options are available and how to choose which to use.
  • Sweetening Ingredients: In this section we talk about syrups – simple and not so simple – as well as other ingredients you can use to sweeten a drink.
  • Spirits: This is truly the “meat” of this course – in this module we review the 7 main types of Spirits, common variations, how they are made, and how to use them in drinks.
  • Bittering Ingredients: Next, we discuss bittering ingredients. This section reviews Bitters, Vermouth, Amari and more.
  • Egg Whites: Not to be overlooked, we dedicate this short module to understanding the use of egg whites in cocktails – so you can use them safely and get the best results.
  • Garnish: Finally, this section takes a quick tour of the common types of garnish, why they are used in drinks, and offers some suggestions for choosing the garnish for your next drink.

Step 2: Master Balance & Flavor

Mixology 101

Continue with this Course to put all of the pieces together. You’ll finish this course with a deep knowledge of balance and flavor – and you’ll learn to map your cocktails out on paper before wasting valuable product.

View Course Outline
  • Flavor: First, we talk about Flavor. What are your options for making cocktails featuring various flavors?
  • Balance: Next, we introduce the concept of balance, the different types of balance, and how to create cocktails that are balanced from the start.
  • Cocktail Creation: Then, we put it all together and explain our very own framework for creating cocktails that are always balanced.
  • Case Studies: At the end of the course there is a full module of case studies where Chris takes you step-by-step through his process of cocktail design so you can see the framework in action.

Step 3: Earn Your Certificate

take the two-part Certification Exam

Once you have completed the course requirements, you will be able to begin the Certification Exam. The exam is made up of two parts: a multiple choice test and a practical exam.

Certification Exam Outline
  • Multiple Choice: A timed, hour-long multiple choice section will test your knowledge of the key concepts from the courses.
  • Practical Exam: You’ll then be asked to create an original cocktail, using the technique and framework taught in this course and documenting your work along the way.

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A small investment in their education will directly translate to better cocktails and happier guests who come back – and bring their friends.

Build Engagement

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A Memorable Guest Experience

Want your guests to come back time and time again? Offer exclusive, unique cocktails on the menu that feature the talents of your very own staff. Bartenders will be excited to share their creations and guests will notice.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Waste

Trial and error is a time consuming and wasteful way to create new cocktails. Speed up the process and reduce the waste: we’ll show your team how to craft the cocktail on paper first – making it great before pouring a single dro

Take a Look Inside…

Here’s a look “under the hood” – a real screenshot from one of the course units.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We created this program because we were frustrated at the lack of great Mixology training and resources out there, and we wanted to help bartenders and cocktail lovers experience the thrill of creating an original, delicious drink.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, you can contact me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. Details here.


Have a question that’s not answered here? Just ask!

How is this program different from BarSmarts?


Have a question that’s not answered here? Just ask!

How long will it take to Complete?
You are welcome to take the classes at your own pace. A quicker student might finish 3-5 modules per week and finish the program in around 3-4 weeks. In general, I’d recommend planning for around 6-8 weeks to finish the entire program.
Can I buy this course for someone else?
Absolutely! Follow this link to purchase a gift registration code. You’ll receive a custom one-time use code which will allow your recipient to register free of charge.
Is this like a Bartending Class?
No, this program is designed to teach how to use different ingredients together in cocktails – but does not cover basic bartending techniques like shaking, stirring, muddling, etc. I recommend you wait until you are fairly comfortable with your bartending skills before enrolling in this program.
What tools and / or Ingredients will I need?
You can take the course without any tools or ingredients at all – but to get the fullest experience, you’ll want to work through the homework suggestions for each module.


To get the most out of the program, here’s everything you’ll need to do all of the homework:



  • Fruit: Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Grapefruit
  • Sugars: Table sugar, Turbinado or Demerara Sugar, Honey, Agave or Maple Syrup and a couple low-calorie sweeteners like Splenda, NutraSweet, etc.
  • Spirits: Six different spirits or styles of spirits. Mini bottles would be enough.
  • Bitters: one bottle of Angostura bitters
  • Eggs: Fresh eggs, and pasteurized egg whites and powdered egg whites are optional


  • Bar spoon
  • Shaker set
  • Jigger(s) for measuring ingredients
  • Strainer
  • Vegetable peeler or Sharp Knife

Are you in?

When you enroll in the program you’ll get immediate access to the training and an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook community.

Or click here to give as a gift or buy for your staff.