How to clarify citrusRemember our post on How To Clarify Lime Juice a few months ago?  We had pretty good results, but I couldn’t stop thinking if there was a way to clarify citrus better.  I did find one way to improve the process and wanted to give you an update!



The Updated Process for Clarified Lime Juice


What’s different?

citrus juice clarification setupInstead of physically massaging the juice out of a cheesecloth sack, this time we devised a “hotel pan” method that used constant weight to push out the juice.  This method would allow for more consistent results as it takes out the human element completely.

I also noticed this time that the Agar (affiliate link) became much more solid than the prior method, reducing the chance that it would seep into the final product.  Definitely a bonus!



Perks of this Method:

  1. clarifying citrus with hotel pansI think this method actually had better results versus the “hand” method discussed earlier.
  2. The fact that you can “set and forget” a large volume means this method may be feasible for larger quantities of juice.
  3. I also think that you get a higher overall yield
  4. Finally – and importantly – you save yourself from hearing all of the comments from your staff about “massaging the sack”.


Have you tried Clarifying citrus?  Let us know in the comments how you did it!