It’s that time of year again, when the doe-eyed guests fill the bar and red, pink and purple cocktails prevail. Sure, you can pick up a dozen roses and a grocery store valentine, but where’s the fun in that?

If your partner is a cocktail lover or a bartender (or if you’re a bartender yourself) we made a few valentines to help you share the love this Valentines day!



Valentines for your Bartender


For the bartender that always makes the perfect Manhattan…

Bartender Valentine - Stirred Manhattan


For the bartender that warms your heart:

Bartender Valentine - Toddy


For the bartender who clearly rocks:

Bartender Valentine - Clear Ice




Valentines for Cocktail Lovers


For that friend who just can’t get enough bitters…

Bartender Valentine - Bitters



Is there anything more romantic than the quintessential pale purple cocktail?

Bartender Valentine - Aviation



It’s the perfect Amaro for your Valentine cocktail… but maybe not every single one….

Bartender Valentine - Campari



A Valentine for your “Honey”:

Bartender Valentine - Bees Knees




Valentines from your Beloved Bartender:


Strapped for cash this Valentine’s? Your bartender can help!

Bartender Valentine - Pricey Roses 2


Some guests just never outgrow their favorite “frat” drinks…

Bartender Valentine - Jagerbomb


The bartender can’t fix your evening, but she can fix a drink!

Bartender Valentine - Chartreuse



Trust your bartender, she’s seen it all…

Bartender Valentine - Awkward Flirting


Cocktails for two? Or two for you?

Bartender Valentine - Curacao



And always remember, folks…

Bartender Valentine - Tip your Bartender