Mixology Classes

What you Get:

When you enroll in the program, you’ll immediately get access to both courses described below and an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook community.


What you’ll Learn:

Example Concepts and Techniques that you’ll learn:

  • If I use honey instead of simple syrup, what other changes should I make to the recipe so I know the cocktail will be balanced?
  • When creating a cocktail, how do I choose between Blanco, Reposado and Añejo Tequilas?
  • I’ve been asked to make “raspberry” cocktail. What are my options for incorporating this flavor in a drink?
  • We’re out of Campari but my recipe calls for it. What can I substitute, and how do I adjust the cocktail so it will still be balanced?


How it Works:

Each Course is made up of video and written lessons divided into several modules. We also include “Cheat Sheets” and exercises to give you opportunities to remember, practice and implement what you have learned.

Community & Mentorship:

Most importantly, you’ll have access to a group of like-minded Mixologists who are equally dedicated to growing their knowledge of cocktail and bartending techniques. Bring your questions and ideas to the community anytime for feedback and support.